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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and today to 60 and even warmer probably five degrees each day tomorrow and into sunday. so yeah do the math. 70 degrees possible around here as we finish the weekend. here's a look at the day planner though. it's on the chilly side this morning. good visibility once again we've got 43 in d.c. and some 30s out on the suburbs. little breezy in town but the winds are light and temperatures have really dropped off. 55 by noon and high near 60 and yes it will be dark by 5:00 p.m. at least the sun will have set. but 4:59 on the sunset. here's a look at the satellite and radar, there's the nor'easter spinning and going east now pulling away and as it leaves it's taking the clouds with it. we had a nice finish to the day yesterday and when it gets further away the winds will really come down here in national they're blowing over 20 and gusts to 43. where the winds are dead calm. low 30s here in culpeper and fredericksburg is 36. it's 36 in martinsburg. and it's going to be a delightful afternoon. northwest winds around 10 miles an hour and mid 50s in easton
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to 60 here in d.c. frederick and manassas. let's go to monika now with the friday timesaver traffic. oh yes i do and it's all good. really it is. if you're planning to head out the door early this friday morning, you are good to go i think you will get to work on time. at least if you're coming in on the bw parkway and route 50. it looks good actually right in from annapolis. all the way to 495 and that's good all the way down to the wilson bridge. a live look first in maryland, and show you what it looks ike if you're planning to head here on the west side of town at the american legion bridge. very, very quiet across the potomac river. let's go back to the maps this time we're heading over to virginia. on the inbound side of i-66. manassas into centreville all lanes are open. no issues as you travel to fair tax, the beltway through tysons corner the lanes are open. this time northbound 95 here in newington. back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 5:10. back to you guys. thanks, later today president obama plans to make the first postelection comments
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about trying to avoid that fiscal cliff. >> the president and congress need to act before january 1st to prevent a combination of tax increases and automatic spending cuts from taking effect and this could be huge. ko im is live at capitol hill with details on what's happening later today. good morning ko. >> reporter: good morning mike and andrea. it's a huge issue that the president has to tackle at the start of his second term. it's a ticking time bomb that could go off january 1st when bush era tax cuts are set to expire. in d.c. 4500 federal workers could lose their jobs and those numbers don't include contractors and subcontractors. tro could lose $30 million for budget cuts. virginia is getting ready to respond to cuts across the board. the commonwealth has seen a sluggish economy and officials are worried that if a deal doesn't happen on the hill, we'll plunge the nation and virginia back into a recession. with federal cuts of 9% on the horizon, republican governor bob mcdonnell is not taking any
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chances. he's telling agencies to prepare now for 4% budget cuts and people say that this could be felt across the board in many respects in a way this region has never felt. the nation will be watching as the president will reach across the aisle and we could feel the impacts of the -- the deep impacts next year in virginia. funds from transportation and education could be the first to fall. so no time for mr. obama to celebrate instead the president has to go straight to work. he's expected to speak at 1:00 from the east room of the white house to quote talk about the action we need to take to keep our economy growing and reduce our deficit. and andrea and mike, the phase fiscal cliff, we could hear that a lot in the days and weeks to come. live on capitol hill. ko im, 9news now. >> thank you ko. in other news, a bus driver who fell asleep last year on i- 95 near richmond has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
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four people were killed and 49 injured when kim ewe chung lost control of the bus in may 2011. they were headed to new york when the dozing driver struck a cable barrier and flipped over. the national transportation safety board says the company was partially at fault because it didn't monitor drivers' rest. sentencing is set for january. d.c. police have arrested an 18-year-old connected to wednesday's robbery of an 81- year-old woman inside her home in northwest d.c.. police say a robber broke into the rear window of this home on mckinley street and when he came across the owner police say the robber smacked the woman before running away with her computer. officers arrested tyran mcelrath yesterday. the victim is recovering after being checked out at the hospital. bottoms up. business owners are getting ready to serve something stronger in maryland's last dry town. by a 2-1 margin the citizens of damascus voted to allow beer and wine sales. the owners of the music cafe say they're looking forward to adding alcoholic beverages to
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their specialty coffee menu. sales can begin win month after the -- one month after the vote is certified and that certification is expected to happen november 19th. okay, 5:05 on the news, time for the latest your money report. more coffee. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines and we're talking cliffs and falling. >> that's right the markets have been falling off the cliffs and of course we're talking about the fiscal cliff and major concerns about that. overseas markets down yet again this morning after a two day selloff on wall street. investors are worried about the political parties not being able to work together to stave off the package of potentially devastating tax hikes and spending cuts that kick in january 1st. checking the numbers for you -- groupon shares getting clocked again. dropping to an all time low in afterhours trading, definitely
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one to watch today. the biggest daily deals company missed earnings estimates and confirmed layoffs. their stock is down get this more than 80% since going public just a year ago. and a recall to tell you about this morning, nestle is recalling some of its nesquik chocolate powder due to a possible risk of salmonella exposure. this applies to nesquik sold in its 10.9, 21.8 and 40.7-ounce cannisters across the country in early october. expiration date if you want to check it. october 2014. salmonella of course can cowboys diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever and can be life-threatening in infants. the elderly, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems. people use it for breakfast and we definitely wanted to get the news to folks this morning. if that's something they plan to have on the breakfast menu. >> all right. >> okay. >> you have more on your menu. what do you have for us in the next 30 minutes? >> couch to 5k. you know, it's my big day.
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i'm running my event today. this evening. hopefully weather looks nice. howard says -- >> no excuses. >> you know -- come a long way and we'll talk about the challenges and the hurdles. i have a great guest, you guys are joining us. it's going to be glowtastic in 30 minutes. >> right there isn't it? thanks jess. well, superstorm sandy may be gone but it is still making a major impact in the northeast. especially at the gas stations. that story coming up. >> but a group of navy s.e.a.l. team 6 members are punished for their work with makers of a video game. >> and a single goal in the closing minutes of dc united move to the next round of the postseason. keep it right here, we'll be back.
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it is 5:09 on this friday morning. kind of chilly out there but we have a warming trend setting up. it will start today and really kick in over the weekend. here's the day planner, nice
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and sunny today. not too windy. winds northwest at about 10 miles an hour. 3:00 60 and some areas east of town may stay in the 50s and by 6:00 dark and 55. back? a few minutes with the i the tails of the -- in a few minutes with the details of the warmer weekend. the bbc is filming a movie today and traffic is expected to be very heavy in the area of potomac near falls road and river road. beginning at 6:00 a.m. and all the way to 6:00 p.m. so you want to avoid the area and choose alternate routes especially along river road if you can. back with more traffic coming up at 5:17. mike? thanks monika. 5:10. here's the other stories making news this morning. the survivors of last year's tucson shootings watched as a judge and jury sentenced gunman jared loughner. he got seven life terms without the possibility of parole. six people died in january 2011 shootings when it also seriously wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was at the hearing as well.
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seven members of the secretive navy s.e.a.l. team 6 have been punished for allegedly disclosing classified information but they remain on active duty. they're accused of providing the information to the maker of a military video game. according to cbs news one of those punished was involved in last year's raid that killed osama bin laden. new york and new jersey are both rationing gas now. it started today in new york. drivers in new york city and staten island with odd numbered license plates can fill up today. tomorrow the even numbered tags. only 25% of the stations are open after the superstorm in new york. she's treated breast cancer patients for years but then a local oncology nurse became a patient herself. >> and this nationals win more silver slugger awards than any other team. that story at 5:23. ! at 5:15 are you ready for a warmer weekend? hey you're going to get it. howard has details in his seven
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day forecast.
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good morning, welcome back the 9news now -- to 9news now, 5:14 on this friday morning. look for mike knocking on your doors, he's going to be with his son. >> he's got the hat. >> scouting boots. last week we dropped off the bags with the little card and put foods in there. if you found one and we're going to pick them up and it's going to go to food banks, if you didn't get a bag on the
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front porch, go to the local safeway. you can donate there and they'll take the food to the same place. >> you can see howard at nationals park there for the heart walk with ab able. >> going to be beautiful for that. we'll start in the 40s and finish in the 60s tomorrow. the pickup date tomorrow? >> yes, tomorrow. >> 65 for the high. looks great. sunday golfable. >> we'll take pictures of mike if he comes to the door. >> exactly and collecting food would be even better than the uniform. weather-wise we have a chilly start for you with the bus stop forecast but skies are clear this morning. lots of stars out there too. and a pretty cool crescent moon was rising about 2:15 as i was leaving for work this morning. 30s and 40s out there. sunrise ooh not for a little while still to about 6:45. sun sets today about 4:59 eastern standard time and a great deal of sunshine with 55 by noon. northwesterly winds to 10 and not nearly as breezy as it has been the last couple of days. by 5:00 57 after the mid-
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afternoon high around 60 degrees. sterling is 37. look at reston 33. while it's 40 in rockville. 36 in buoy. andrews, scott along with upper marlboro 42 degrees and fort belvoir this morning 39. so yeah there's a chill out there. but it's that good looking morning on our michael & son weather camera. and that 43 feels like 38 with the northwesterly wind now at 8 miles an hour. temperatures. well they're going to really cold in the northern rockies. the highs today in the 20s and in fact in the southern plains really warm. well, as the cold air dives south tomorrow's highs might not even get out of the single digits in great falls. the warmth is going to be pushed off to the northeast and even on sunday the cold spreads down through the central plains and teens in bismarck. they got a blizzard raging in montana and for us by sunday 60s and even 70s will be possible before the afternoon is over. here's a look at it. we got big storm now in the west and tell you about this. the jet stream is like a seesaw with dips on one side of the country it rises in the other. the dip now going into the
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west. all the unsettled and cold weather for us, for us we're going to get rid of the foreaster and the jet stream rises and we get nice and warm and stay that way for a few days. the next chance of any significant weather will be tuesday as a front heads this way. today 60s for the high after the chilly start. tonight back in the 30s and 40s but tomorrow looks nice. could be a couple of clouds especially up north in the morning but generally is sunny day. 65. and sunday looks fantastic. 72 on veterans' day. skins have a bye week but the ravens are home so be great for that. monday still warm with increasing clouds late and tuesday here comes the font with some showers 60 and then wednesday we're back in the 30s. but -- 50s. but boy what a great weekend coming our way. here's monika with timesaver traffic. and we deserve it too don't we? planning to head outside we also deserve a good friday morning light traffic pattern and that's what we've got. no problems to report on the beltway or 270 coming from frederick. all lanes are open down into
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clarksburg, jermantown, rockville and down to the point where the lanes divide. really light on the american legion bridge to tysons corner as well. a live look and that is what it likes like at shady grove road. a lot of people out and everything is moving at the speed limit. back to the maps this time to virginia. on the northbound side of i-95. same story from triangle to dumfries, woodbridge, springfield and on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. no issues to report at this time the beltway is good as well on the south side of town. this is springfield. this is at exit to the beltway and heading north to 395 as well. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:24. mike? dc united relied on late game drama to advance to theplays. >> three nor marbles -- playoffs. >> three more nationals get hardware for their batting prowess. details in sports. >> we want the take another look at -- to take another look at our question of the morning, it is -- >> our facebook friend joshua wrote --
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>> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page leave your response. i think we're all going along with this guy. with joshua. we'll reveal the correct answer though during our 6:00 hour.
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5:21 on this friday morning. the futurecast, really not much significant weather and when you look at the temperatures they're starting in the 30s and
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40s but actually i think the computer is lagging a little bit. i think may be a little bit warmer by a few degrees, back with noon 55 not 52. the air is dry with plenty of sunshine everywhere and that will be the case for the afternoon with the highs in the upper 50s to around 60. even warmer for the weekend. mike and andrea? thank you howard. the nationals, yeah they got some more awards. >> and after a weather plagued series, d.c. united finally advances in the mls playoffs. dave owens has the highlights in the morning sports. >> well, good morning everybody. i tell you last night exciting stuff. d.c. united on the road at new york playoff game. it was the 70th minute. tie game. the starting goalie bill ahmed is kicked out because of an illegal tackle. bring on the backup and what happened in new jersey actually. last year. that's bill hamid being escorted out. he's not happy and bring on joe willis with the penalty kick. keep your eye on the spot
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shadow right there. new york players are on the line. the penalty kick which looks good? ain't. it gets ruled away. they have to kick it again. then joe willis comes up big. makes the block. so we're still tied on the second penalty kick. 17 minutes later d.c. united robbie russell to nick deleon. feeling good. converts, d.c. united prevails 1-0. afterwards deleon says what did you think about the black and gold black and red excuse me now? >> you can take us seriously or not. but we're moving on to the eastern conference finals. so -- it was truth enough. it means everything to this franchise and everything to the fans. it's just -- like i said man. i'm speechless. good for them. they will play houston. great news for the nats yesterday. adam laroche 33 home runs and 100 rbis. ian desmond monster numbers and
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led all shortstops with 25 home runs and stephen strasburg who hit .277 most doubles by a pitcher. the nats the only team with three select teams. that quick look at sports, have a great friday everybody. a bipartisan lawmaker wants more budget autonomy in the district. an explanation on that story up next. >> plus, officials in virginia start making plans in case congress plans to avoid plunging off the fiscal cliff. here's monika with a look at traffic. >> traffic is moving really well as you can see here at branch avenue and prince george's county. heading southbound toward andrews air force base and the wilson bridge. all lanes are open this morning. we'll be back with more news, weather and traffic at 5:29. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning, and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. it's friday. >> ha ha. that sounds good huh?
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a lot of great stuff going on this weekend and you know what? great weather for the it. -- for it. good morning monika samtani. mr. bernstein. great news? >> we have some really cool guests in the next 90 minutes coming on. if you can stick with us through 6:45, 7:00 a.m. you will enjoy yourself this morning and the weather? you have outdoor activities like the heart walk or maybe picking up food for scouts this weekend, mr. high deck and his pack of -- scouts they'll be doing that. let's show you the day planner with a good day today. even though it's a little chilly. 30s and 40s to start. 33 now in town with some areas in the low 30s to the west. now by noon sunny and 55. and then we're going to have a high of 60 mid-afternoon and 57 for 5:00 p.m. so friday night football, looks pretty good. and we'll drop into the 50s and upper 40s but at least the winds tonight are going to be dying down. thanks because well we're saying good-bye to the nor'easter leaving stage right behind a high pressure building in and that's going to give us some good weather for the next
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several days. it's cold this morning. not kidding around here. culpeper 30 and 32 orange. and 35 fredericksburg and even up in baltimore and gaithersburg and frederick, all in the upper 30s. but we're headed to 60 and even warmer this weekend. let's check in with monika for timesaver traffic. i'm happy that things have been nice and quiet this morning and let's just hope it stays that way. outside right now hey look at the inbound size of i-66 and the dulles toll road. no issues from sterling. no issues on 66 coming in from manassas to centreville. let's go outside live right now and show you what it looks like here on the inbound side of i- 66 inside the beltway at glebe road. again as i said no issues to report. very light to the roosevelt bridge. back over to the maps this time looking at the beltway. and then going south on 95. and 395 again inside the beltway. no problems 395, 65 miles an hour at duke street and 295, 53 going to the 11th street bridge. this time northbound 95 here at lorton road.
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and i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. at 5:36. back to you guys. all right. thanks monika. president obama is spending time now after winning re- election trying to reach out to republican leaders and he is going to need their cooperation to avoid the fiscal cliff. before his second term begins. >> now the congress and the president fail to reach a deal a series of tax increases and federal government cuts will kick in january 1st. and they could be especially harmful to this area. 9news now reporter ko im is live on capitol hill with more. ko, give us the bad news. what could happen? >> reporter: well, local officials are keeping a close eye as you know the bush era tax cuts with set to -- are set to expire in less than two months, the ripple effect, we could see families nationwide getting a tax increase of $2,000 to $3,000. virginia officials already starting to brace themselves. republican governor mcdonnell acceptability a memo to department heads, the fairfax county school board last night
5:31 am
passed a resolution urging congress to put an end to the cliff. they're worried $6 million for 36,000 kids learning english could get lost in the shuffle. >> the impacts will be severe. and you're talking about a budget that already has been cut significantly over the last four years or so. to the point where we are cutting into the bone of our human services. >> reporter: more examples of this trickle-down effect? those enjoy going to the national zoo could see shorter shower hours and you might have to -- hours and you might have to wait longer to get the passport renewed. the president is expected to give the overall message to lawmakers here that they have to work together to avid the so- called -- avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. will he take a hard line or give a message to compromise? back to you. >> all right, ko im reporting live from capitol hill. speaking of budgets, is bipartisan group of local politicians is pushing for the district to get control of its
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municipal budget. the d.c. city council is holding a hearing today on a proposed charter amendment. it would allow the city to spend local tax dollars without the approval of congress. now if voters approve the amendment, then it would be up to congress to proactively reject it. those who favor the measure include former mayor anthony williams and former virginia congressman tom davis and former board member. former democratic national convention chairman terry mcauliffe is making another political run. he will run for governor in virginia next yore. he lost four years ago in the democratic primary. since the current governor republican bob mcdonnell can't run dependent, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general ken cuccinelli will be seeking the republican nomination. jury selection is underway in the murder trial of a university student. alexis simpson is accused of
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killing her roommate dominique frazier back in december of 2011. she killed frazier over music being played on the ipad. she claim he was contacting in -- she was acting in self- defense. alexandria police have release some surveillance video they'd like you to look at. two armed robbers they're hoping you can recognize them and give them a tip. they're wanted for robbing a 7/11 on kenmore avenue the day before halloween. one of the suspects jumped over the counter in the middle of the night. the clerk was later pushed to the ground and he was not seriously hurt. after eight weeks of training tonight jessica puts her couch to 5k plan to the test. details coming up. >> a little later get rich, oscar winner -- guess which oscar winner is playing the bad guy opposite daniel craig in the new bond movie coming out today?
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5:35. we have a cold start this morning. got the gloves and the jacketed, we're in the 30s -- jackets, we're in the 30s and 40s now but we can shed most of this later today. in fact by lunchtime far more comfortable and sunny and 55 degrees at the noon hour. northwest winds about 10 miles an hour this afternoon with the high approaching 60 at 3:00 and by 5:00 p.m. the sun will have set and 57. and we'll be back in a few minutes with a nice warm weekend forecast. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. thank you so much. on the southbound side of the gw parkway an accident just reported near route 123 here at the american legion bridge. on the west side of town you're okay until you get on to the gw parkway. more details on that coming up at 5:45. you want to shape up? get off the couch!
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♪ couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> hey friends. i'm in week eight of my couch to 5k. my final week in the slow and steady training program. running a 5 k. i have a lot of friends with me today. oh, here comes andrea, there's mike, here's monika. monika is slow. it was a five minute warmup. we jogged for 30 minutes which hurt. and five minute cooldown. that's it. i'm done. and i'm running my 5 k tonight. it is the glow in the dark fun run at rfk stadium. living social has partnered with mercy corps to use a portion of the proceeds and we have a special friend here. david nicholson from the mercy corps to tell us about these lights. thank you howard. these are going to children in somalia. can you tell us a little bit about the program? >> sure, absolutely. it's a global humanitarian agency. we work in many countries around the world and in somalia
5:38 am
particularly we're helping people get access to clean affordable and safe electricity. >> fantastic. and how many lights will be provided as a result of tonight's run? >> the tonight rest run is raising money for 1,000 lights and we can distribute 1,000 lights in schools to somalia where we're working. >> can they help you in the future if they're not running tonight? i would imagine that's a possibility right. >> yes, you can go to and click on it. >> you're going to be there. i'm going to be here tonight. we also want to shoutout to some friends. a round of applause everybody, come on round of applause [ applause ] . for just getting here. this is for viewer ron larkin, he has run every step of the way. whoa. he's down 19 pounds. just in the past eight weeks, way to go ron. i'm not done getting healthier and improving my life. we're all going to do it together right? >> absolutely. >> read the prompter people. what are we going to do?
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>> get off the couch! >> get off the coach. mike? over to you. well done. well done. okay, coming up we have a buddy check double feature. >> yes, we do, we have a survivor who's written a book about her experiences, she'll join us live in studio. >> plus we'll meet an oncology nurse who has a new understanding for what the breast cancer patients are going for. >> let's see who's celebrating a birthday today -- and we'd like a wish a happy early birthday to morning web producer -- happy birthday if it's your day too.
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4:42 -- 5:43 coming up. good morning, happy friday to you. we were just talking about a movie tom hanks is in. you said the that thing you do? all right, howard do that thing you do so well. >> a nice, nice warmup headed our way for the weekend. i know the beginning of the woke was kind of lousy. even wintry weather mixing in. the northeast poor guys still digging out from that. for us though it gets better and better through the weekend. your bus stop forecast on this friday morning. it's chilly. certainly need jackets and maybe some gloves out for a little while with temperatures in the 30s and 40s but skies are clear and the winds not too bad. sunrise still an hour or so away there. just about 6:45. and as we head through the day, a nice sunny day. winds northwest at about 10 miles an hour so by lunchtime, 55 degrees. we head into the afternoon, 3:00 i think we get to 60. by 4:00 59 and 60 the high for the day.
5:44 am
this evening got some playoff football games now. high school football 51 degrees at 8:00. cooling down. dress for the 40s and you'll be all right. all at 32 here. to the south still 45 at the patuxent river naval air station over there. outside here on our michael & son weather camera, a good looking morning. good visibility, 43 degrees under clear skies. the winds up a little bit. northwest at 8 so that windchill making it feel like 38 degrees. but we've got some nice warm weather on the way. want you to look at texas' highs today. 82 in dallas. 79 houston. even oklahoma city 80. this warmth will be moving to the north and the east over the next couple of days while the cold you see here? and this is going to be warm in great falls they may not get out of the single digits tomorrow. as some arctic air is pouring down. blizzard warnings up for them. all thanks to this big storm out in the west. when you have a big storm in the west, usually pushes the jet stream up in the east and that's whoo we're going to be dealing with. some snow not mountains of --
5:45 am
in the mountains of california and nevada nevada and northern rocky -- nevada and northern rockies. but in the east the clear skies here in the ohio and tennessee valley. that's going to be moving toward us for the weekend. although a little warm front tonight into tomorrow may produce a few clouds. here we're at 6:00 and all quiet. watch overnight and clouds here and even the isolated shower in southwestern pennsylvania. will produce some clouds across our northern suburb especially through the morning hours tomorrow. so the heart walk i think it's going to be a nice start in the 40s tomorrow morning. but if there are a few clouds don't get too upset. by afternoon a lot of sunshine. tomorrow in the mid 60s. and even warmer on sunday, as we get into more of a southerly southwesterly flow. sunday looks like high temperatures will be approaching the 70-degree mark if not the low 70s. so this afternoon, mid 50s hagerstown. 57 annapolis. but 60 for fredericksburg and again here in washington. looking at our forecast for the next three days, sunny today.
5:46 am
dry. mild, about 60. 3:00 or so. tonight, 40s in town. some 30s once again north and west. tomorrow, 65 perhaps a few more clouds in the morning. but a sunny afternoon. sunday looks even warmer. 72 degrees. and sunday, the skins are off but if you're going up to baltimore for the ravens' game that looks fantastic for veterans' day. monday near 70 and on tuesday, we've got some showers possible with the next front and only around 60. guys flip the prompter for monika. it's 5:45. here she comes with timesaver traffic. thank you so much howard. if you're planning to head around town you know it's friday morning. that means it's friday morning  light. we have one accident it's on the southbound side of the gw parkway just after route 123. inside the beltway here in the right lanes. so be aware of that. already seeing some yellow forming that area but other than that we're good. the beltway is good at the american legion bridge. in fact right there live right now as you can see between bethesda, tysons corner and even down to springfield the lanes are all open. back to the maps this time down
5:47 am
south on 95. no yellow. no red. that's good news. woodbridge, across the occoquan river into springfield right now. it is absolutely fine. a live look outside. if you're planning to head northbound 395 here in shirlington, also looking good to the 14th street bridge and into the downtown area. i'll be back with more information on that accident at 6:00. andrea? it is the 9th of november. don't forget to call your buddy. early detection through monthly breast self-exams, regular mammograms after age 40, and annual clinical visits can save lives. simple lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and getting a good night's sleep go a long way in preventing some breast cancers. in fact the oncology energy mercedes watson understands better -- nurse mercedes watson understands better than most of us. >> what's your date of birth? >> for more than a dozen years the last three as assistant nurse manager -- more day seize has worked with an -- mercedes
5:48 am
has worked with patients at georgetown hospital. >> patients come in to get the chemotherapy on a regular basis and blood transfusions. >> not only her life's work but a disease that's infected her family's life too. specifically breast cancer. >> my mom was diagnosed when she was 40. her sister at 45. and then i had two cousins on my mom's side of the family that are also in their 40s. >> but when she celebrated her 40th and then 50s birthdays, mercedes was certain she had dodged a bullet. then in december 2010, at age 53, breast cancer stopped being a disease for other people. >> it was rough at first. a hard pill i had to swallow on my own. >> breast surgeon dr. willie broke the news. she also had to talk to her long time colleague out of choosing an overly aggressive
5:49 am
surgical procedure, is bilateral mastectomy. >> it's a common knee jerk reaction. and i think we have to tailor treatment to what an individual has. and mercedes didn't need that. >> with the less aggressive procedure, mercedes was able to return to the oncology unit three weeks after the lumpectomy and she never missed a day as she completed six and a half weeks of radiation. thanks to the overwhelming support from her fellow nurses. >> we cried. we hugged, we supported each other. >> she has worked with mercedes since the early 1990s. >> a lot of times just having that support here just having the people around here. i think it just helped her work through that a lot better as well. >> mercedes was such a model patient, most of her own patients never even realized she was on the same cancer path as they were. >> one day, told me that i don't understand what they're going through. i can break it down to them
5:50 am
that yes i do understand what you're going through. it's made them feel a lot better that now i see someone that's actually gone through it. >> makes you a better nurse? >> it does. >> how so? >> because i have a little bit more compassion and a little bit more of love than what i had from all my patients in the beginning. but now it puts me in their set of shoes that i've walked in their shoes. >> to see this story again, go to and to request your free buddy check 9 kit, which includes important information on breast cancer health, and tools to help you remember and perform your monthly breast self-exam, just click on the link in our web story. virginia's governor issues is budget cutting order ahead of our possible plunge off the fiscal cliff. more on that story next. >> if for a plunge that's much more entertaining we'll preview "skyfall." the latest james bond movie in
5:51 am
theaters today. jess? >> thanks so much. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. and some friday favorites for you. go see the washington wizards, this is a ticket and you get a free t-shirt all for 48% off. $27 for one upper level end seat on november 17th. other seats are available for november 3rd and the 24th. you will find this deal on living social. get half off at joe's place pizza and pasta in arlington and virginia. you will pay $10 and get $20 worth of dine-in italian food or pay $50 for $100 worth of catering. this deal is from groupon. one to keep the fingers warm when it gets cold outside. a two pack of waterproof ladies' ski gloves with lining. just $11.99. this is for two pair from shnoop. that's hard to say. that is 81% off. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. you're watching 9news now.
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it is 5:54 on this friday morning. oh, long week but it's coming to an end. and the weather is going to be great for the weekend. thousand this morning it's in the 30s and 40s. we've got clear skies and likely we're going to stay clear all day. by 9:00, 44 if not warmer. i'm show you the numbers here but i think the computer is little bit low. i think we'll be closer to 55 not 52. maybe even in the low 50s in hagerstown by lunchtime and
5:55 am
throughout the afternoon with clear skies and sunset's at 4:59 and the mid-afternoon high. yes right around 60 degrees. and even warmer for the weekend. around and mike over to you -- monika over to you. all going to be here. we want to take another look at the question of the morning -- >> dawn rhodes our facebook friends wrote -- >> all right, log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. well, guys one of the two big movies opening today was filmed in virginia. the "usa today" reviewer says "lincoln" delivers much more than a biopic about the 16th president going inside
5:56 am
lincoln's bitterly fought battle to pass the 13th amendment and end slavery. daniel day-lewis and ally field star -- sally field star at the president and first lady. there's also tommy lee jones and hal hol brook. apparently governor mcdonnell had a special screening of that last night and of course the latest james bond film called "skyfall." daniel craig is back playing bond for the third time. love him. bond is believed to have been killed but he returns from the dead and the villain this time around is oscar winner javier bardem with a blond hairdo and drawing comparisons to classic guys like dr. no and gold finger. >> looks so strange and weird in that. you know dr. no didn't look strange. >> you will say you will only see one of these in an i max. >> i've seen all the bond anymore. s in the movie theater. i love every one of them. >> what about the bbc film? right here in montgomery county. >> the one you were trying to
5:57 am
get into. >> i was trying to get into that for a couple of weeks. >> remind us what the film is again? >> got to work on the english accent a little bit more? >> yes darling. >> that's happened -- what town? >> in potomac, and the film is called "filamina." pretty exciting. >> good day governor. >> traffic involved from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> yes, river road, falls road. >> just think congressional golf club and whatever. to deal with that. >> they go around it. exactly. we do want to apologize, we had plan today have an interview -- planned to have an interview, another breast cancer interview but our guest had a flat tire and late getting here but we'll bring the interview to you, she's written a book called "fearless." and she is fearless. then to deal with breast cancer after escaping the war in
5:58 am
siberia. shall we start? >> yes. >> all right. we say good morning to you. and welcome to the 6:00 a.m. version of 9news now. i'm andrea roane happy friday. >> and i'm mike hydeck, scouting for food will be out there to pick them up. here's monika samtani with traffic momentarily. >> you might see mike at the front door in his cute little uniform. >> ties. i'm driving the minivan that's what i do. good morning howard. >> cute. >> we want pictures. >> that's not going to happen. >> it's going to be a great weekend for some photography and even south of town still good color left with the fall color and temperatures well up in the 60s and maybe even 70s by sunday. here's a look at your -- day planner excuse me. we have the bus stop forecast in a few minutes. but 39 now. we've cooled to 39 at national and light winds and some areas down closer to 30 west of town. by lunchtime back to 55. dry air cools off quickly. heaths up quickly and sunshine all day with a high close to 60-
5:59 am
degrees this afternoon. look at this tells the story. we're saying good-bye to the nor'easter. there she goes. off to the east. and behind it to the west all is quiet this morning and that will be the case except for maybe a few clouds late tonight early saturday especially up to the north. temperatures as i said 39 in town. but down to 30 in culpeper. cumberland is 32. thankfully the winds are fairly light and we don't have too much windchill to talk about and even across the bay we've got 39 in easton and cambridge. 42 degrees. this afternoon, mid 50s and easton and cambridge but 60 for fredericksburg and here in d.c.. monika samtani, just about 6:00 friday morning. are we in good shape? we are, do you think maybe i should have made the crew some shepherd's pie or something? >> and some ale. >> too many now. i'll try next time. right now i've only got one major thing to talk about. otherwise they are doing great. and i've been telling you about this accident southbound on the


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